The Sao Jorge Farm produces maize, sorghum and soy. Our products do not suffer mixture from no type of grain come of another farming or warehouses, a time that we do not give nor we outsource services.

      Sao Jorge Farm

The Sao Jorge Farm cultivates 800 hectares of area, being maize and soy in the summer, in no-till and conventional plantation, with rotation of the two cultures to each year in the same area; in the winter, sorghum is planted in direct system.

The Sao Jorge Farm is a company of familiar management. All productive system is supervised by an agronomist engineer of the Agriculture Superior School Luiz de Queiroz(Esalq).

The farm makes use of 1.800 tons of storage capacity, drier of continuous flow of 20 ton/hour, with electronic control of temperature, and electronic road scale stops up to 80 tons.

In the Sao Jorge Farm, are not used products GMO (transgenic). The fertilization is made according to Bulletin 100 of the Agronomic Institute of Campinas.

The average productivity of the Sao Jorge Farm of:

Maize - 7500 kg/ha
Soy - 3000 kg/ha
Sorgo - 4000 kg/ha

  Phone.: +55 (17)3222-4267 - E-mail: by Webplus