Control of Upper Quality


- In The Sao Jorge Farm all the trial is done without outsourcing, of the preparation of soil to the plantation, of the harvest to the storage - 100% of the service I do by the own farm.

- There is not mixture of grains. As the farm does not lend service of storage, all grain spoon is stored and sold without mixture.

- Without contamination by transport outsourced. All grain of the Sao Jorge Farm is mischievious to the granary by own wagon.


The Sao Jorge Farm is located in the town of Riolândia, in the interior of São Paulo State. One of his competitive advantages is that the farm permits a quickly draining of the output, because locates-itself near to the junction of the highways Washington Luiz and to Br-153. Beyond that, stayed in the border of General Mines and near to the bridge railroad of Holy Faith of the South.

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